About Us

About Us

TropiAd is specialized in organizing trekking and camping trips on forest and sea terrains. Our itineraries include wild road tracks leading to villages of ethnic minorities living in remote mountainous areas, where you can discover their ancient cultures.

We provide high quality and professional services, including culinary chefs, tour leaders, tour assistants, porters, etc., for the whole journey. We also provide safety equipments, forest trekking tools of world-renowned brands.

We differentiate our service by investing in a system of accommodation and hygiene facilities at each break stop, creating a sense of comfort and safety for our customers when trekking with TropiAd.

With TropiAd, you will not only experience exciting excursions in the nature, but will also contribute in this earth greening via the project “One million trees”.


Management Board

Nguyễn Tuấn Quỳnh – Chairman of the Board

Dr. Nguyen Tuan Quynh – Chairman of TropiAd’s management board – has successfully completed the doctoral program of business management (DBA). He has also received a compliment certificate from the Prime Minister for his science research achievements and various compliments from different associations.

Dr. Quynh is currently Deputy Chairman of the HCMC Young Business Association and CEO of Saigon Books. With his rich experience in managing big corporations like Saigon Energy JSC, Phu Nhuan Jewelry PNJ. etc., he has helped TropiAd craft its vision and development strategies.

Lê Thị Lý – Vice President of the Board

Associate Professor – Dr. Le Thi Ly – Vice Chairman of TropiAd, is currently a lecturer at International University of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.

Ms. Le Thi Ly is in charge of foreign affairs, relations with investment funds, international partners, expanding the customer market, especially with the markets of North America and Western Europe.

Mẫn Thị Thu Hường – Vice President of the Board

Ms. Man Thi Thu Huong has had many years in human capital management, management consulting and education.

Ms. Man Thi Thu Huong has had many years in human capital management, management consulting and education.

She brought with her management knowledge & experience, as well as initiatives to contribute to organization development.

Vương Hải Loan – Control Chief

Ms. Vuong Hai Loan, another member of TropiAd management board, has helped TropiAd with audit and legal compliance matters, as a veteran graduate of the Law University.

Management Team

Nguyễn Tử Anh ( Benjamin) – CEO

The founder of TropiAd, Mr. Benjamin Nguyen has a special love for the nature and its ecologies. Ben is always curious about how the ethnic people connect with their deceased ancestors, survive and thrive in the nature with their lifestyles, cultures and production methods. Ben would want to design each tour in such a way that upon finishing it, each tourist will feel a sense of mind-expansion, and their self-boundaries are torn down.

Hứa Phi Quyên (Lucy) – Business Development Manager

Lucy has 15 years of experience in executing projects at various industries and different careers: sales, internal communication, human resources, tour operation, ect….at diverse working environment from global company to startup.

At the present, Lucy is in charge of Sales & Marketing in TropiAd. The trekking routes which Lucy and TropiAd team have built aim to bring customers a strong and generous spirit.