Price: 2,800,000 vnd/pax

Level: 1

Length: 5 km

Feature: a light & romantic trekking trip

Age: from 6 years old, novice trekkers, family

Adjacent to Bao Loc City, Lam Dong Province, Dai Binh Mountain, which rises 1000 m above sea level, is 190 km away from Saigon.

Cloud Hunting in Dai Binh 1 is a light trekking trip of 5 km length, crossing green hills covered with farms of tea and coffee. It is suitable for novice trekkers, or for whole families to improve physical fitness in a pleasant way.

A very special experience that only this Cloud Hunting journey can offer you is the vast sea of clouds surging from just beneath your feet, so close that you can touch it and have the feeling of getting lost in a fairy world. When the sun sets, you will catch a view of Bao Loc and Bao Lam with myriads of lights.


Day 1:

08:00: Pick up in Ho Chi Minh City for Bao Loc

11:30: You will enjoy lunch with special dishes at the house of a K’Ho Châu Mạ family – K’Ho Châu Mạ is one of the five K’Ho ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Then, you should take a break and relax.

13:30:  You will be given safety instructions and trekking equipment by TropiAd.

14:30: After the safety instructions, your bus will bring you to the mountain base where you will start the trekking trip. The distance between the mountain base and the UP Base Camp Dai Binh 1 is about 2.5 km, it takes you 60 minutes to trek to UP Base Camp.

Along the way uphill, you will be immersed in the lust green of tea and coffee farms. In February and March, coffee flowers bloom in full, covering the mountains and hills with their pure white and mesmerising fragrance.

15:30: Reaching UP Base Camp, you can relax yourself in the fresh air of the mountains and a hot bath here. There are well-furnished houses made of bamboo and WCs at your service.

Enjoy the sunset. From UP Base Camp hill top, you can see part of Bao Loc, Bao Lam city. You will also enjoy a sense of peace and separation from the normal busy life.

18:00: By the warm fire, hot and delicious dishes served by TropiAd chefs will bring you the feeling of consiness in the mountainous sense.

Day 2:

05:00:  If you get up early enough, you can enjoy the early morning air in the mountains and catch the moment when the sun starts to emerge from the thick cloud.

Start trekking uphill to hunt for clouds. You can watch the sea of clouds from the highest hill top, feeling some attachment with nature and a sense of lightness. If you are lucky enough, you can see some eagles flying freely in the sky.

07:00: Back to UP Base Camp, after enjoying breakfast, coffee and tea. You can join the waterfall crossing challenge to test your own limit . Don’t worry too much, as you will be provided with necessary safety equipment.

11:00: After the waterfall crossing challenge, you will return to UP Base Camp for lunch and free activities. You may choose to play chess, read books or take a short nap

14:00: Say goodbye to UP Base Camp and start going downhill. Start going back to HCMC by bus. You can expect to reach HCMC by 20:00.

TropiAd’s commitment: For every participant, we will plant a tree.


TropiAd provides:

  • Means of transportation for the whole trip:HCMC- Bao Loc- HCMC
  • Travel insurance with maximum coverage of VND 100,000,000/person
  • Service personnel: tour leader, transportation porter
  • Meals:
    Day 1: lunch, BBQ
    Day 2: breakfast, lunch,(excluding dinner)
    Drinking water: 2l/day, coffee/tea: 1 cup for breakfast
  • At Up Base Camp, there are well-furnished houses made of bamboo and WCs with hot water at your service.
  • High quality professional tools and equipment: trekking stick, sun-proof gloves, shoes at camping ground, sleeping bag for each participant, safety equipment for crossing waterfall.

You should prepare:

  • You are advised to read the ‘Tour agreements’ and the ‘Policy for Tour Cancellations’ carefully and take due considerations before tour booking and making payments.
  • After making tour payment, you will receive detailed instructions for the trekking tour. Careful review of the instructions will help you prepare better for the trip and thus can avoid unnecessary embarrassing situations.
  • You need to bring your own water bottle or buy it from TropiAd. TropiAd will supply you with water at the starting point and refill it at the lunch stop. And from April 2020, TropiAd will no longer serve 500ml water bottle on our journey. Thank you for joining TropiAd in the journey to reduce plastic waste.
  • Though internet connection is still available in this mountain area, its quality is not stable. You are advised to arrange things in advance and inform your relatives/ close people about this so that they are not worried.
  • If you need to answer nature calls before reaching UP Base Camp, you can do so by the road-side, at a hidden place far away from water source. Please do not litter hygiene tissue paper; put it in your personal garbage disposal bag and carry it with you until the collection point.


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