Dung Iar Gieng Ancient Village 2D2N


Dung Iar Gieng Ancient Village 2D2N

Price: 3,200,000 vnd/pax

(The price is excluding VAT 10%)


Customer have ever trekked with TropiAd before: Discount 100.000/pax
Customer make full payment before 7 days: Discount 150.000/pax
Group discount:
– Group of 5 PAX: Discount 85.000/pax
– Group of 7 PAX: Discount 100.000/pax
– Group of 10 PAX: Discount 150.000/pax
*Cumulative discounts are not applicable. Booking with the highest discount value is prioritized




Level: 3

Length: 22km

Feature: a challenge trekking trip that requires  physical strength and for experienced trekkers

Dung Iar Gieng Ancient Village lies in the heart of the Bidoup national forest – Lac Duong, Lam Dong, which is 33 km away from Da Lat. This village belongs to the Cil people – one of the 5 branches of the K’Ho ethnic minority. They live in isolation from modern society, hence have managed to preserve their culture intact over centuries.


The journey to Dung Iar Gieng Ancient Village will bring you back to a primitive life with no Internet, no telephone, no messaging, no calling to interrupt your precious moments in nature, enabling focussed thoughts and smooth conversations.

Back to this ancient village, you will hear mystic legends about Cil people and experience a peaceful life in the valley…


Departure early morning:

00:00: Leave HCMC for Dalat on a bus. From Da Lat, you will be transported to Da Nhim Commune – Lac Duong District – 33 km away from Da Lat.

Day 1: 

07:00: Arriving at Da’Bla Homestay, you have breakfast in the chilling atmosphere. After breakfast, you can walk around the Da’Bla village of the Cil people to see the multi-colored indigenous architectural structures.


You will be given safety instructions and specialized equipment for trekking. To make your trekking journey most comfortable, you should bring the necessary stuff into the wood.

08:00: Start the trekking tour of 13 km to the heart of the forest. You will trek through 3 types of forests – broadleaf, mixed, and pointed leaf – with a rich diversity in flora and fauna.

12:00: After the mid-tour lunch, take a short rest before resuming the journey.

13:00: Continue trekking into the village. You will cross 2 shallow springs with crystal clear and chilling water.

15:00: Congratulations on having completed your trip to the village. Covered in dust after such a journey, you might want to submerge yourself in the clear water of the spring at TropiAd Base Camp Dung Iar Gieng. We have built houses on stilts, camping tents, and clean restrooms for your use.

18:00: At night, by the fireside, you will hear legends about Cil people, to understand more about their unique culture, while enjoying a delicious nose-intriguing BBQ.

Day 2: 

06:00: Start a new day with a Meal in the Fog, complemented with a cup of hot Tea or Coffee.

08:00: After breakfast, you will experience a day to be Cil people. The Cil will guide you on how to use the net to catch fish in the spring, how to pick wild vegetables. You can capture peaceful moments of life here, living a life totally different from the hectic one of the urban society.

10:00: Leaving the village, you start trekking out of the woods. The way back is about 9km, crossing 5 steep inclines which require you to use techniques for moving and resting shared by TropiAd at the start of the tour.

12:00: Lunch amidst the woods.

16:00: Out of the woods, TropiAd will bring you back to Da B’La Homestay for a hot shower, rest, and dinner

19:00: Go back to HCMC. The estimated arrival time is 03:00 – 04:00 am.

TropiAd’s commitment: For every participant, we will plant a tree.


TropiAd provides:

  • Means of transportation for the whole trip: HCMC- Da Lat- Da Nhim- HCMC
  • 1 night at the homestay before trekking
  • Travel insurance with maximum coverage of VND 100,000,000/person
  • Service personnel: tour leader, porter, supporter
  • Meals:
    Day 1: breakfast, lunch, BBQ
    Day 2: breakfast, lunch, dinner
    Drinking water: 3l/day, coffee/ tea: 1 slot at breakfast
  • At TropiAd Base Camp Dung Iar Gieng in the forest, there are a wooden house, camping area, and WCs with hot water at your service.
  • High-quality professional tools and equipment: trekking stick, sun-proof gloves, food container, personal garbage bag, shoes at the camping ground, sleeping bag for each participant.

You should prepare:

  • You are advised to read the ‘tour agreements’ and the ‘Policy for Tour Cancellations’ carefully and take due considerations before tour booking and making payments.
  • After making tour payment, you will receive detailed instructions for the trekking tour. A careful review of the instructions will help you prepare better for the trip and thus can avoid unnecessary embarrassing situations.
  • To reduce plastic waste, you are encouraged to bring your own water bottle. TropiAd will supply you with water at the starting point and refill it at the lunch stop.
  • The ancient village of Đưng Iar Giêng is located far deep in the heart of the jungle where there is no Internet, wifi, TV. Therefore, on Day 1, by 10:00 am when you draw near the lunch site, your cell phone will be cut off and will only be connected again by 15:00 – 16:00 pm on Day 2. You may want to inform your family in advance so that they know and will not be worried about you.
  • If you need to answer nature’s call before reaching the camping ground, you can do so in the jungle, at a private place far away from the water source and avoid littering paper tissue behind. Instead, please put it in the personal garbage disposal bag provided by TropiAd and dump it at the camping site.

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