Ta Nang Hiking 2D2N


Ta Nang Hiking 2D2N

Tour Price: 2,950,000 VND/pax

(Prices are excluding VAT)


  • Children 09 – 11 years old: Discount 200,000 VND
  • Children 06 – 08 years old: Discount 400,000 VND
  • Children 04 – 05 years old: Discount 600,000 VND
  • Children aged 3 and under (sitting in the same car seat with parents): Free of charge

Guests who have joined the tour of TropiAd: 5% discount

Customers who pay 10 days in advance: 7% discount

Group offer:

  • Group of 5 guests: Discount 5%
  • Group of 10 guests: Discount 7% 

*Policy does not apply cumulatively, priority is given to the highest value offer

About our trek

Level: 1

Length: 12km (Check-in 3 provinces landmark)

Trek difficulty level: The trek is of medium difficulty

Suitable for: New trekkers, family with children aged 3 and above

Ta Nang with thousands of rolling hills is known as the most beautiful trekking route in South Vietnam. You will constantly move on long slopes with altitudes from 500m to 1,100m above sea level. The total length of Hiking is about 12km, and check-in 3 provinces landmark in Ta Nang.

Ta Nang Hiking is designed with moderate difficulty, suitable for families to experience the journey together to bond and love more.

This tour is also suitable for businesses to train each individual’s mental & physical fitness and team bonding.

Experience in hiking Ta Nang will give you a lot of positive energy when you return to your daily life.

Departing late at night

00:00: The car will pick you up at HCMC to go to Duc Trong – Lam Dong Province.

06:30: You will arrive at UP Base Camp Ta Nang Sports Center next to the forest entrance. You unpack your luggage and prepare needed personal items for exciting hiking journey.

Day 1: Trekking to enjoy the beauty of Ta Nang (length of 12km)

07:00: You enjoy breakfast and coffee prepared by TropiAd, take a walk in the pine forest, and see the sun light in the morning, …

08:30: Your guide will guide you on safety principles and equip you with hiking gear before departing.

From UP Base Camp – Ta Nang Sports Center, you will start your journey to explore Ta Nang, experience moving by tractor ( a kind of machine using in agriculture) for 3km before starting the 6km of trekking. The green slash and ditch of local people appear to your sight. Occasionally, you can see a few horses or herds of cows grazing on the hillside. You will pass through pine forests, broadleaf forests and grassy hills, enjoying the beauty of Ta Nang.

12:00: Have lunch under the fresh forest canopy. Then you will continue to move to check-in 3 provinces landmark and then trek 6km out of the forest and return to Ta Nang Sports Center by tractor.

15:00: Back at Ta Nang Sports Center camp, you take a rest, clean up and enjoy the epic sunset moment at UP. At Camp, TropiAd has invested in covered tents, clean and morden toilets with solar hot water.

18:00: Sitting next to the coal fire in the restaurant area, TropiAd will wholeheartedly serve dishes with rich and round mountainous flavors.

21:00: Time for bed after interesting hiking journey.

Day 2: 

07:00: You enjoy breakfast and coffee. Then you can take a walk in the pine forest around campsite, and find out the life of local people.

08:00: You participate in meaningful activity: tree-planting for lush greenery in Ta Nang.

10:00: You prepare your luggage and car will pick you up back to Ho Chi Minh City. The expected time to arrive in Ho Chi Minh City is 18:00.

TropiAd’s commitment: For every participant, we will plant a tree.


TropiAd provides:

  • Full trip: HCMC – Lam Ha – HCMC by private car: 16 seats or 29 seats depending on the group
  • Travel insurance with maximum payment: 100,000,000 VND/person.
  • TropiAd’s people: Tour guide, supporter, service staff at the campsite
  • Lưu trú lều tại UP Base Camp – Lâm Hà Twilight chuẩn 2-4 người/lều tuỳ loại lều, dép mang trong khu, nước nóng năng lượng mặt trời, xà phòng tắm gội, kem đánh răng, điện phục vụ đến 22:00, wifi.
  • Stay in tents at UP Base Camp – Lam Ha Twilight standard 2-4 people/tent depending on the type of tent, slippers, solar hot water, bath soap, toothpaste, electricity served until 22:00, wifi.
  • Meals are designed appropriately during the journey:

Day 1: Breakfast + 1 cup of tea/ coffee, Lunch, BBQ for dinner

Day 2: Breakfast + 1 cup of tea/ coffee, lunch

  • Filtered water is enough for the tour.
  • Support items in the tour: Specialized trekking poles, Sun protection sleeves, raincoats.

You should prepare:

  • You are advised to read the “Tour agreements” and the “Policy for Tour Cancellations” carefully and take due consideration before tour booking and making payments.
  • After making the tour payment, you will receive detailed instructions for the trekking tour. A careful review of the instructions will help you prepare better for the trip and thus can avoid unnecessary embarrassing situations.
  • To reduce plastic waste, you are encouraged to bring your own water bottle. TropiAd will supply you with water at the starting point and refill it at the lunch stop.
  • Though an internet connection is still available in this mountain area, its quality is not stable. You are advised to arrange things in advance and inform your relatives/ close people about this so that they are not worried.
  • If you need to answer nature calls before reaching the camping ground, you can do so by the roadside, at a hidden place far away from the water source. Please do not litter hygiene tissue paper; put it in your personal garbage disposal bag and carry it with you until the collection point.

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